Shuttle Bus to and from Concerts!
If you are attending concerts at Bethel Woods remember to ask about our shuttle service!  This provides everyone the opportunity to sit back, relax and party.  If it looks like a lot of our guests will be attending and interested in the shuttle bus service, let us know!  The bus seats 40 people, picks up at the entrance to the campground, waits for you, then drops you back off after the concert.  We need a minimum of 20 guests to book a bus.  Shuttle payments are non-refundable.  If you are interested, let us know to add your name to the list!

Musical Campers!  
There is nothing more enjoyable than hearing the melodic music performed by our campers!  We encourage our campers to bring instruments along on your camping trip and enjoy jam sessions right at your site!


Hideaway Tiki Tip #1:  Props - We cannot wait for that time of year again, sharing stories and refreshments with all of our camping friends!  All season long, we’ll be posting handy tips for entertaining on your camp site….
First up:  PROPS will help you to get the most of your campsite gatherings!  … Last year’s Halloween costumes?  Extra funny glasses left over from that PTO thing you sponsored?  Create an “Around the Campfire Box” to contain these odd props throughout the year – and break it out at your next campfire gathering….  Go ahead, we DARE you…. 


Hideaway Tiki Tip #2:  Tiki Snacks Series - Campfire Fiesta “5-Layer Dip” 
– Be sure to provide camping comrades with plenty of snacks for those late nights around the campfire!  Chips & Dip are a great conversation starter, but this is a Campfire Fiesta! Layer (2) 8 oz packages cream cheese in a foil tin, top with (1) can Hormel chili (we use no beans unless it’s a bonfire night), add (1) jar queso cheese & shredded cheddar cheese.  Let it all melt in the tin over the fire pit/ grill for 15-20 minutes.  Serve with a smattering of sour cream and your favorite corn or tortilla chips! 


Hideaway Tiki Tip #3:  Tiki Snacks Series – EZ.PZ S’mores Dip
 – Kids & adults alike love to help make & enjoy this simple snack that is an interesting twist on a tradition.  Start with large piece of aluminum foil or tin pan, place 2 chocolate bars broken into pieces, (choc chips would also work), and top with two cups mini marshmallows or a handful of large marshmallows.  Wrap in foil tightly and let melt on the fire pit or outer edge of a warm grill for 5 minutes, unwrap to check melt status and let warm another minute if necessary to completely melt.  Serve with graham cracker pieces, cookies or fruit.